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Science Education

Science Department Staff

Mrs. Fulton
email: efulton "at"
Mr. Eastman
email: ceastman "at"
Ms. Hallock
email: rhallock "at"

School Laboratory Requirement:

Students enrolled in regents science courses must satisfactorily complete 1200 minutes of laboratory activities. All required lab write-ups from these activities must be submitted in a satisfactory form. In order to encourage students to keep pace with this requirement, the following policies will be in effect:

  1. Students must submit the required lab write-ups each marking period.
  2. If the student is falling behind, the teacher will notify the parent via a progress report, a parent conference, and/or other methods of communication.
  3. If at the end of the marking period, the student has not submitted the lab write-ups due for that 10-week marking period, he/she will be issued an incomplete.
  4. Lab write-ups are penalized when not submitted by the due date. Those submitted after the due date will earn half credit (50%). Lab write-ups not submitted by the last day of the marking period will be counted as zeros when they are submitted to fulfill the requirement.
  5. If the lab write-ups are not submitted by the end of the two weeks following the issuance of the incomplete, the incomplete will be converted to the grade earned and no further opportunities for completion of the lab requirement will be granted. The student has now lost the opportunity to sit for the Regents Examination.
  6. Freshmen in traditional 9th grade science courses may not receive earned grades lower than a 50% for satisfactorily completed lab.

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