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Middle School Math

Common Core Standards for Math
Moving from grades 6 to 8, students will progress from more concrete to more algebraic concepts in mathematics, learning to represent real-world situations with expressions and equations. A portion of the material will be abstract and skills-based, always supplemented with the application of the skills to a real-world situation. Students must develop confidence and fluency with basic mathematical concepts, understand fractions/decimals/percents, and gain a practical sense of scale with numbers.  
Some 8th graders will be identified to accelerate into the 9th grade NYS Common Core Algebra course, taught in the middle school. This is a high school credit bearing course leading to the same Regents exam taken by 9th graders. Acceleration in grade 8 allows for the opportunity in grade 12 for a college level elective math course.

Teacher sites:  
Mrs. Adams - 6th grade     
email: cadams "at"

Mr. Scolaro - 7th and 8th grade
email: tscolaro "at"